About Sprayshop

About Sprayshop

Based in Dargaville New Zealand, www.sprayshop.co.nz is the online division of Sprayshop, our physical shop specializing in agrichemicals and spray equipment.  We are field specialists and are on call to assist with any technical questions you have.
Of recent times we have seen a need for an online shop to support the industry and people like you, therefore Sprayshop.co.nz was launched. Being in the weed spraying industry for as long as we have, our understanding of your needs are second to none.

Sprayshop only sell quality parts and equipment to give you reliability and long life. As a family owned business, we take the time to listen to your needs and then supply the solution that exceeds your expectations. Furthermore, you can be assured of our focus on your needs & your desire for quality solutions as “we’re local”
The owners of Sprayshop have would like to thank you for your support and are assured that Sprayshop will be here when you most need us.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in providing them with the most effective and efficient solution to their needs Fast!

To become the leading online agrichemical and equipment store in New Zealand and the store of first choice when buying spare parts.

To be simple and easy to deal with, to take the stress out of it for you

Our Vision

“The dedication and commitment of our team is without compromise, thus rewarding Sprayshop with a reputation that makes us one of New Zealand’s leading knowledge bases when it comes to “Ag-Chem Products”